“Jake has been our 12 year old Flynn’s guitar teacher for the last four years.   

Jake has helped Flynn move from beginner to accomplished performer.     He is someone who makes learning guitar fun.   His passion and enthusiasm, and his knowledgeable and relaxed teaching style, have both motivated and inspired Flynn to learn, practice and excel. 

We are very happy to recommend Jake as a guitar teacher to anyone wanting to begin their musical journey or who is looking to extend their playing.”


"I have a 6 year old and an 8 year old who have attended guitar lessons with Jake over the past year. Managing the attention span of two very active boys is no walk-in-the-park, even when trying to learn the chorus notes to a Guns n' Roses song. To his credit Jake seems to handle the pressure. At each lesson Jake sets out the objectives and then he provides constructive hands-on feedback encouraging the kids to complete the chords correctly and strum out the tune. Jake is a good communicator and brings a friendly disposition to his lessons. No doubt he is somebody that I can recommend."


"I really appreciate your skill and patience coaching Thomas, I must say he really is getting better every day hearing his practice. Your guidance for him has kept him interested and focused and wanting to learn more and more. He comes home from school throws he bag down, goes into his room and rocks his socks off!! You have done a great job mate. I am so pleased with his progress and you have given him such an awesome start on the long path to master the guitar. He’s got a good appreciation of music and most of that is down to you – his timing, fluidity and confidence is all growing. I really hope he sticks with it and gets where he wants to be with his playing.
I am very pleased with your work, you come highly recommended."


"Oscar has loved having Jake as his guitar teacher these last couple of years.  He has really progressed and we can certainly hear the difference when he is practising at home.  Jake has tailored the lessons to suit Oscar, and very quickly established a great rapport.

In Oscar's own words:

'He's helped me learn guitar in an easy and fun filled way.  He teaches with a smile and is always really kind.  I look forward to my lessons every week.' "


"I have known Jake Stokes since 2009, when he started teaching guitar to one of my sons. Jake has been an excellent tutor.  Apart from clearly being a talented musician, he has been able to build a rapport with my son that has been an excellent platform for learning.  This combination of skills is rare and has made a real difference to my son’s learning. We have been sufficiently impressed with Jake to have hired him to perform at a private function. Jake is articulate, positive, reliable and courteous, and I am happy to recommend him to others."